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Restoration Tips
1964 Sales brochure
Courtesy of P. Guibord 2006

Good Trailer Info
Coutesy of ACBS
1965 Aroliner Specs

Vessel Name
Home Port
Sudbury, ON
Whanapatie Lake
Hard Top
Mfgr Serial
Year Mfgd
1965 +/-
DOT Serial
Boat License
46E 11499
Motor Brand/HP/xS/YR
Mercury 1968 "Thunderbolt" 65HP
Trailer Brand / YR/Type
Adam H.

Photos courtesy of Adam H. June 2016

Photo Gallery and History

June 2016

Dash view
Side view
Bare Bilge view..
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... Thanks Doug! This is my first boat over 16 feet and I'm especially excited about the restoration, it's getting a new floor and floatation aswell as a good scrubbing on the exterior and all new stainless hardware, I'm seeing now the boat is rated for up to 100 hp, I'm on a relatively large lake in north eastern ontario just outside of sudbury called whanapatie, the engine currently powering the unit is a 1968 mercury 650 thunderbolt 4 cylinder, 65hp, rebuilt a few years back locally but never put back on the water, I think for my use the 65 will do for this year but I'm curious what the best "period correct" 100 hp outboard I should look into, any insight or opinion is appreciated, thanks again
Adam Hirschfeld/22/Owner of HirMac Mechanical
June 21 2016

....the boat is almost completely gutted at the moment, the engine and controls are in good shape but I will be replacing almost all the hardware, I plan to fit several lights to the front back and sides, some fixed and some swivel, after I clean and tps the inside of the hull I plan to "plasti dip" up to the water line, re foam between and on top of the ribs and build a new floor and storage area, I plan to fit a live well under the transom  and a small stainless counter top on hinges on one side, I'd like to re burnish the outside of the hull and fit new lexan windows and seals, I'm also looking into tarp options for less desirable weather aswell as a new set of speakers and music unit, hope to have it in the water withen the next 2 weeks and make changes as I use the boat and get a feel for what I might like to have, I also plan to reinforce and brace the transom with new plate and L brackets I will have fabricated locally on a CNC plasma table, I'll send more pictures as progress comes!
June 24 2016

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