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Cabinaire, Canadaire, Carryaire, Convaire, Corsaire, Debonaire, Nordaire, Sireco, Skyliner, Speedaire, Travelaire
The oldest "Rag Top" CABINAIRE on record !
Vessel Name
Home Port
Georgia, USA
Cabinaire Softtop
Mfgr Serial
The Oldest "Soft Top" on record
Year Mfgd
DOT Serial
Boat License
GA 1013 MG
Lark IV / 40hp / SS / 1964
Trailer Brand / YR/Type
Brian M.

Photos courtesy of Brian M. Aug 2011

Photo Gallery and History

Serial Data Plate
Winnipeg, MN
Original Paint Job
Side view
Side view
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Hello, I have been periodically surfing your website since I purchased my Aroliner Cabinaire Crusier Convertible back in April of 2009. I wanted to wait until I was almost finished with my restoration before I contacted you. I drove all the way from Georgia to Minnesota to get my Aroliner. I found it on Craigslist, and it looked like a fun restoration project.

I believe that my boat is a 1944, 1945 or 1946, but I have no way to know for sure. What I can tell you is that it has a serial number of 150. That’s right…… One Hundred and Fifty! I believe this might be older than any other Aroliner listed on your website. I am 90% done with the restoration, and I have actually had the boat on the water several times now. I also restored a 1964 Evinrude Lark VI 40HP outboard for my boat and it goes fantastic with the older vintage boat. I was very surprised at how well the boat handles and how fast it will go.

I have attached a before and after photo of my boat and also a snap shot of my data plates which show the serial number 150. I have temporarily removed these data plates from the boat, as I plan to fully restore them to make them more legible and then rivet them back into place.
Brian M.
August 2011

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