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Restoration Tips
1964 Sales brochure
Courtesy of P. Guibord 2006

Good Trailer Info
Coutesy of ACBS
1965 Aroliner Specs

Vessel Name
Home Port
BC ???
Mfgr Serial
Year Mfgd
1965 ????
DOT Serial
Boat License
Motor Brand/HP/xS/YR
Trailer Brand / YR/Type
Kevin N.

Photos courtesy of Kevin N. Aug 2018

Photo Gallery and History


Original steering
Unfortunately the sn plate was not there when Dad bought it so  (dealer?)  stamped a number into transom that was used to register in 1980. I added checkerplate to cover previous hole from the 55hp Chrysler controls that Dad insisted the dealer remove  before he would purchase. I had a local shop scan and reproduce the decals before painting so I am attaching photos also.  She is headed fishing this weekend. Happy boating!  Kevin May 2018

Decals copy made
Just wanted to say HI and thanks for maintaining this site. I was just taking pics of my Dads Aroliner to place it up for sale and found your fan club. These boats really do have 9 lives and its neat to read the stories and info you have listed. I too am in need of a windshield to complete my “refreshing” of what I now believe to be a debonaire model. As boat was purchased used in 1980 the only hint as to vintage is the 1968 trailer it came with . I found and installed the 1966 vintage 35hp merc  (just seemed to suit it) and the tandem still perform flawlessly. I will likely keep the original cable steering wheel mechanism (complete with paper aroliner logo insert) and housing for bow light (no lenses) when I sell unit so if anyone needs them…. Great site! Keep up the good work.


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August 2018

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