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Cabinaire, Canadaire, Carryaire, Convaire, Corsaire, Debonaire, Nordaire, Sireco, Skyliner, Speedaire, Travelaire
Vessel Name
Home Port
Red Deer, AB
Cabinaire Rag Top
Mfgr Serial
Year Mfgd
DOT Serial
Boat License
5F 41216
Motor Brand/HP/xS/YR
Trailer Brand / YR/Type
Marty K.

Photos courtesy of Marty K. Jun 2015
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Photo Gallery and History

Side view in its new Shine !
June 2015
Winnipeg, MN
"Lost and Found" 2014 bow view
Side view
"Lost and Found" 2014 Stern view
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When I started the project the boat had some big dents. I figured I would kill two birds and placed the boat on a bunch of tires, filled the boat to the top with water.

This did two things, popped out the large dents and showed one leak which fixed itself when the bottom dent popped back. I persuaded the stubborn dents with the help of the water pressure by tapping around the edges of the dents with a wooden mallet.

The polishing was a task for sure.. I used a variable speed electric polisher with an 8 inch by 1.5 inch canvass disk. With some trial and error found the brown bar compound worked the best. 20 hours and a huge mess in the shop it was as good as I wanted it.

I then brush coated all the seams inside with Kevlar truck bed liner then sprayed the rest.

The transom was next, it was rotten. because I was putting a long leg motor on I needed it to be 6 inches taller. Using one inch marine plywood and new aluminum. I cut and then bonded with sicaflex. Bolted all together with stainless hardware. Sandwiching the original aluminum between.

The rest of the build was pretty straight forward. Floors,seats, installation of motor and helm,controls and gauges. Restoration-modification


Marty K

Transom Retro
Red Deer
Transom work view
Side view
Transom work view

Transom Retro
Red Deer
Transom work view
Side view
Stern rear view

Stern bench seat
Red Deer
Bench seats view
Side view
Dash view

Bilge work
Red Deer
More bilge work
Side view
Bow view

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