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Restoration Tips
1964 Sales brochure
Courtesy of P. Guibord 2006

Good Trailer Info
Coutesy of ACBS
1965 Aroliner Specs

Vessel Name
Home Port
Kootenay Lake BC
Mfgr Serial
Year Mfgd
DOT Serial
Boat License
C24133BC (7K777A)
Motor Brand/HP/xS/YR
Trailer Brand / YR/Type
Ray L.

Photos courtesy of Ray L.
June 2016

Photo Gallery and History

June 2016
Sudbury, ON
Buddy system
Side view
NOTE the forward bench seat facing aft and the tiller steering !
Sudbury, ON
NOTE: A true working boat !
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Dear Doug, †

Iíve inserted several photos of our Aroliner and I hope they show up on your computer. †
One photo shows the decal on the dashboard of the boat.† I can make out 5902 and Aroliner Cabinaire and thatís about it.† Some of the label is obscured by a plywood bulkhead (seatback) that someone has installed in the past.† The next shot is a stern view taken last fall after we had installed a new plywood motor mount and a new stainless cap along the stern.† The motor is a 2014 Yamaha 25 4-stroke.† We bought that after someone cut the security cable and swiped the 25 Yamaha 2-stroke we had on it before.† That motor had been purchased to replace an old Merc 25 that was in really sad shape. † †
The next photo shows the interior of the boat with its custom green seat.† The plywood seat back (bulkhead) has a hinged part that gives access to the space under the bow.† We can stow away the fuel tank, life jackets, 360 degree white light and whatever else out of sight when the boat is left for lengthy periods at a dock. † †
The photo of the two boats was taken last October after the Aroliner towed the Starcraft Holiday 18 down the lake when the Merc 125 wouldnít start.† The location is the public boat launch by the park in Nelson, BC.† My Tacoma is about to haul out the Starcraft. †
The last shot is of the Aroliner parked at the dock at Camp Koolaree on the West Arm of Kootenay Lake near Nelson.† The boat was first licenced as 7K777.† Youíll notice an ďAĒ has been added to the number as when I went to update some registration information, I was told that that number was assigned to another boat!!† They said weíll just add an ďAĒ.† Since then, I had to go through the process of registering the Aroliner as a small commercial vessel so I painted over the old number and itís now C24133BC. † †
Iíd say the Yamaha 25 is quite adequate for this boat and unless itís hauling a lot of weight, it gets up on a plane and really zips along.† With a 40 or 50 h.p. motor it would be something else!† The Aroliner is my favourite boat in our fleet and I really enjoy the times I get to run it.† It is covered in dents and scratches as there are plenty of rocks near the dock and itís hit most of them.† (Not me, of course. )† Itís been bashed into the docks countless times over the years as the skill of the operators sometimes leaves a bit to be desired especially when the wind comes up.† Itís hauled everything you can think of, inside, on the deck, strapped to the roof, or towed behind.† It leaks a bit, but itís a great little boat just the same. † †
Iíve been a CPS member since 1990 and have managed to get as far as getting an Advanced Piloting rating.† I really enjoyed doing the courses leading up to that and went as far as buying the Junior Navigator course and even getting myself a sextant quite a few years ago.† Somehow I just got side tracked and didnít get too far into it. † †
Well, time for a coffee break. † †
Best regards, †
Ray L. †
June 23 2016

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